Our Projects


Our team is comprised of skilled professionals with broad and various backgrounds. We have been brought together by our passion for finance and investing, which acts as a leitmotif for our IT-projects that revolve mainly around investing, fintech, and data analysis. Our main goals are to design, create, and deploy great solutions while developing our IT-skills which we deem indispensable in the 21st-century work environment.

Here are some of our projects, with source code and pipelines:

1. Ko4ka Beershire & Co Index

Ko4ka Beershire & Co Index

A Ko4ka Beershire & Co portfolio based index: Beershire-15 is our own benchmark, just like S&P 500, that helps us visualize the performance of our investing strategy.

The IT pipeline is way more complicated and sophisticated that one might think: the initial data is pulled by a python-written parser that stores this data in a special google spreadsheet, that is then processed by a set of calculations and mark-up procedures to be exported as JSON-serializable object, which is processed by another python script that creates the graph and pushes it onto a Plotly dashboard which finalizes the prosses by embedding it as HTML code. This application is deployed at Heroku servers

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2. Inflation monitor

Inflation monitor

Our team is widely skeptical about the state statistics as far as inflation is concerned, hence, we decided to create our own inflation tracking tool.

The tool is a collection -28 to be precise- of python-scrapers, which serve to get and store the price of a specific item. The storing is handled by a function, which pushes the result of every parser to a g-sheet, where “the magic happens.” Using g-sheets functional exclusively, the function is able to land the result in the required slot.

The visualization is created by embedding an iframe into the website using the google graph-rendering engine.

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3. Ko4ka Beershire & Co FBI Index Tool

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