Ko4ka Beershire & Co Index

A Ko4ka Beershire & Co portfolio based index: Beershire-15 is our own benchmark, just like S&P 500, that helps us visualize the performance of our investing strategy.

The IT pipeline is way more complicated and sophisticated that one might think: the initial data is pulled by a python-written parser that stores this data in a special google spreadsheet, that is then processed by a set of calculations and mark-up procedures to be exported as JSON-serializable object, which is processed by another python script that creates the graph and pushes it onto a Plotly dashboard which finalizes the prosses by embedding it as HTML code. This application is deployed at Heroku servers

The Pipeline Is Given Below For Your Consideration

Yahoo Finance Stock data
Yahoo Finance…
Google Sheets
Google Sheets
Stock data is pulled
 by parcer.py
as dataframe
Stock d…
dataframe is processed 
by pandas and is pushed
into sheet-1 of Gsheets
A set of fomuli
calculates the index and eliminates
A set of fomuli…
Beershire-15 as
JSON serializable
 object is pulled
 by visualizer.py
Plotly Dash: hosts Beershire-15 Graph
Embeds the Graph as iframe element (html5)
Plotly Dash: hosts Beershire-15 Graph…
Heroku Servers
Heroku Servers
Python devepment

Beta versions

procs and recs
Python devepme…
Ko4ka Beershire GitHub
Ko4ka Beershire GitHub
Ko4ka Beershire & Co Website
Ko4ka Beershire & Co W…
Visualizer.py finalizes and pushes the graph to Plotly Dash
Visualizer.py finalizes and pushes the g…
iframe is polled in
real time
Viewer does not support full SVG 1.1

End Result: